Your Session

My typical type of portraiture is called “lifestyle“.  It’s not stuffy posed portraits, but its not entirely photojournalistic either. A combination of both, really.  The best photos are the ones where the subject is relaxed and happy.  Hugging, kissing, tickling are all highly encouraged!  The more playful you are, the better the outcome.  If you need to bribe the children with ice cream after then by all means, go for it!  If your children aren’t in the mood, please do not yell at them or boss them around, as this results in meltdowns and pouty face pictures.  I am a professional and I have been doing this a LONG time so I have my ways of getting even the most difficult subject to participate.  So let me take control, and you just focus on making sure you’re having a good time and enjoying yourself.  I’ve had many families compliment me after their session saying, “Wow, that was actually a pretty enjoyable experience!”  Don’t be surprised, I wouldn’t do this if it wasn’t fun ;)