What to Wear

“What should I wear?” I get asked this question a lot.  Honestly, whatever you feel comfortable and happy in will come through in the photographs.  Now is not the time to experiment with a new style, so if you’re not used to wearing skirts and heels, it probably would be a better idea to stick with pants and flats :)

That being said, taking an image from mundane snapshot to professional photograph can rely heavily on coordinating.  Choose outfits that have a running theme, and that tie together;  not matchy-matchy, but pick a color palette that you can work with and use it for the whole family so that you look put together.  Don’t be afraid to accessorize. Hats, bows, ties, scarves, etc~ they can pull together the simplest of outfits and create a nice modern look.

When in doubt, basic and clean lines always work.  Try to avoid graphic logos or words, over indulging baby colors (head to toe baby pinks, blues, and greens) and neon..unless we are going for a gritty 80’s theme :) Don’t forget to think about which background we will be shooting in.  If its sunset in the trees, you’ll probably want muted earth tones.  Downtown locations will probably call for bolder colors that pop.

Check out this amazing Pintrest board from Kristen Duke Photography for more ideas and helpful hints: http://pinterest.com/kristenduke/what-to-wear-in-portraits-family/