About Me

© Katie Geiberger

I have to admit:  I do not enjoy all kinds of photography (GASP!).  I am not one of those photographers who have the bumper sticker proclaiming my love of photography: WARNING, I STOP FOR PHOTOGRAPHS! Well, I do not stop for photographs… although I have been known to shoot out the window of a moving car…(UPDATE: I have pulled my family of four over on the side of the road, leaving them waiting while I laid in the middle of the Arizona road snapping a beautiful photograph of the incredible desert thunderstorm ahead…My husband was not thrilled with me when this woke up my 3 year old from his deep road trip slumber!)

So, what is my passion you ask? People!  I love people photography. I have been photographing people for over seventeen years now; I’ve tried my hand at many other types of photography, but nothing holds my interest like people. People are fascinating. People are unique. People are FUN. I LOVE to chase little darlings around. I LOVE to capture a tender moment between lovers. I LOVE making a mom cry because she has never felt so beautiful before. I love what I do, and I hope it shows in my work.

In a time where photographers are a dime a dozen and everyone has a camera, I actually have been professionally trained in photography, earning my degree from two different schools: An Associate of Applied Sciences in Professional Photography at Colorado Mountain College in Glenwood Springs, CO and a Bachelor of Arts in Commercial Advertising from Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara, CA. While a degree isn’t necessary for my field, I craved information and wanted to devour everything photography-related.  I think my experience was so much more than learning photography, it was learning people, and that is what counts when it comes to what I do.

I now reside in the MOST beautiful mountain town of Pagosa Springs, CO with my photographer husband, and our very photogenic children. I love the slow mountain way of life, but I get my travel on by booking photo shoots in all my favorite cities :)

Thanks for stopping by!