Life Happens

Okay, I need to come clean. Deep breath…So I haven’t updated this site in about a year and a half. SHOCKER!  I know, you say, that’s pretty obvious…but I’m here to give you the low down as to why this horrible atrocity has happened. First, I got pregnant (woohoo!), which led to 4 months of all day crippling nausea (whomever labeled it as morning sickness was way off the mark). I kind of disappeared for a few months! Then we decided to buy our first house and actually move in it. THEN I had a baby (Little Finley you can check him out here). If that weren’t enough, I am now busier than I ever have been and am just trying to play catch up on every session/wedding I’ve photographed. Whew. It feels really good to get that out in the open ;) But there is a plus side to all of this terrible procrastination: You will soon be inundated with dozens of new photo sessions to oooh and aahh over, I promise you, they are worth the wait! Secondly, if you “Like” me over here on Facebook, there I have more recent work, contests and giveaways that are updated more frequently, I promise you :) I am getting close to adjusting to all of the new changes in my life (did I mention that 4 months before I got pregnant I moved all the way across the country from NYC to Colorado???) And things will start to run a little more smoothly. I’ve got some big things happening with my business, so please bear with me and stay tuned! You can contact me for more info at kierstancorrenti[at]aol[dot]com I am still booking sessions for fall and weddings for the 2013 season. Thanks for stopping by!

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